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Common acronyms

Introducing some commonly used acronyms used in Education system. 

  • CCELL – Citywide Council on English Language Learners

  • CEC – Community Education Council

  • CCHS – Citywide Council on High Schools

  • CCSE – Citywide Council on Special Education

  • Charter School – A publicly funded, independently run school granted greater flexibility in its operations.

  • CPAC­ – Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council. Comprised the 38 Presidents' Councils or their designees.

  • CTE – Career and Technical Education

  • District 75 – D75 provides citywide educational, vocational, and behavior support programs for students who are on the autism spectrum, severely emotionally challenged, and/or multiply disabled. There is a D75 Citywide Council.

  • DLP – Dual Language Program

  • DLT – District Leadership Team

  • DML – Division of Multilingual Learners

  • DOE – Department of Education

  • ECC – Education Council Consortium. The ECC is comprised of CEC and Citywide council members. They meet with the Chancellor every six weeks to discuss citywide and education

  • ELA – English Language Arts

  • ELL – English Language Learners

  • FACE – Division of Family and Community Engagement

  • G&T/TAG – Gifted and Talented/Talented and Gifted

  • ICT – Integrated Co-Teaching (also called “inclusion class” or CTT: Collaborative Team Teaching)

  • IEP – Individual Education Plan

  • PA/PTA – Parent Association/Parent­Teacher Association

  • Para – A paraprofessional is a classroom assistant who may work with an entire class or one student with a disability. They are not certified teachers.

  • PC/Parent Coordinator – A member of the school staff that is the liaison between the parents and the school administration and teachers.

  • PEP – Panel for Educational Policy. The PEP is comprised of one appointee from each borough, and six members appointed by the Mayor. They make decisions on co­locations, DOE contracts, Chancellor’s Regulations, etc. They are the de facto School Board.

  • President’s Council – Comprised of the presidents of each district’s PA/PTAs.

  • SLT – School Leadership Team. A group of parents, teachers, and administrators that writes and updates the CEP (Comprehensive Educational Plan) each year and confer about curriculum and

  • Title I – Schools designated from the Federal law authorizing extra funding to high ­poverty area schools with students who need academic help.

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